Hire, Rebrand, Reuse

Hire, Rebrand, Reuse:

Custom Made by D2G enables our clients to create their displays through the use of customisable hired goods. We understand the need to hire and/or re-use products for various outcomes and allow the flexibility for our clients to do so.


Our expo kit system allows clients to hire pre-set expo kits or products to construct events and be completely customised. The sizes are specifically designed to suit any request and are significantly more cost-effective.


The efficiency of this service extends to bump-ins and bump-outs, where our experienced installers arrive with pre-prepared crates and build based off computer-generated plans, minimising human error. We can also install product/s within your work place post expo so that you are getting use of each product throughout the year. Don’t allow items to gather dust in a storage cupboard when they can be used effectively elsewhere!


There is no limit to what can be created, with new hireable items being added on a regular basis across our extensive range.